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July 27th, 2012

Having just finished up Joe Namath Football Camp for the 41st year, I’m happy to say it was, once more, a success. We’ve been doing this camp for a while now; so much of our success is based off the amount of injuries sustained by the campers. We’re very proud to say that we had no major injuries – no broken bones, no torn ligaments, no head trauma, nothing. Aside from a few rolled ankles, the kids left camp happy and healthy, prepared with a few football lessons going forward. It was great to see them improve not just their football abilities, but also their enthusiasm and sociability with the other players. That enthusiasm is brought out by our fantastic coaching staff, whose eagerness to teach was shown day after day with each activity we underwent. Only mother nature got in the way, with some thunderstorms getting in the way a few times. Besides that, the camp ran smoothly, and it was a pleasure to hear parents give their feedback at the end of camp. The looks on their faces showed how happy they were, and their thankfulness was abundant.
We were also lucky to have a young man come all the way from St. Petersburg, Russia. What a sign that was for the camp to have kids from different countries come over to learn from our great staff. The boy–who played tight end and linebacker–was supposed to come over with three other friends. Sadly those kids had some issues with their passports and couldn’t make it. Regardless, he had a great time learning and interacting with other kids here in America. He had some experience playing in Russia, and though his understanding of some schemes and concepts weren’t at the American level yet, his enthusiasm for the game showed that he was improving leaps and bounds. It was great to see him out there, and we’ll certainly keep in touch in hopes of broadening the reach of our camp.
I’d like to again thank all our coaches and staff for their fantastic work, and thanks to all those who sent their kids for a great week.
- Joe

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