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Early Jets Thoughts

August 20th, 2012

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about the New York Jets and their prospects heading into this season. Barely two weeks into the preseason, it is simply too early to really know anything about this team. As camp continues, it remains to be see just what type of team we will see in the regular season. Yet, while there isn’t much to learn from these games, we can discuss some of the questions facing Gang Green.
We’ll start with the defense, which looks promising considering the new additions. Of course many teams are optimistic in August, so while we can speculate on the new additions and changes, the real answers won’t appear for a few weeks. That being said, this looks like it should be one hell of a defense. We have some good players on that defensive line, but the pass rush seems to have come under question. With the return of Calvin Pace and the addition of first round pick Quinton Coples, I have a feeling these guys will surprise some people. Less mentioned is the young Aaron Maybin, whose continued blossoming will provide some depth to the pass rush rotation. That said depth is as important as ever today. It all starts up front – if they can’t get a push, nothing else on defense will matter. So long as that line does perform, the secondary looks very strong. Landry and Bell should show why they were brought here, and it goes without saying that we have the best cornerback in the game in Darrell Revis. If Cromartie doesn’t get too distracted with the thought of playing wide receiver and Kyle Wilson can step up in his development, we might have one of the best secondaries in the league.
While the defense looks very promising, there are many more questions on the other side of the ball. Starting up front, the offensive line looks in some parts strong and others questionable. The right side will have to step up in a big way, coming off a disappointing end to last season. They cannot have the breakdowns that so frequently ruined plays before they started during those last few weeks. Nobody has truly stepped up as the second guy on he receiving corps, and a lack of secondary options will hurt Mark Sanchez’s development. He has to perform more steadily in his accuracy and throwing consistency. There were times last year where he was throwing in rhythm – practice rhythm. He would get so used to that practice mindset, throwing in rhythm to receivers that were open in drills but covered in game situations. Mark needs to recognize the defense more readily, and I think he has the ability to do so this year. He can be a sharper quarterback, using his eyes more skillfully. We will learn more as we get into the regular season, but for now I have faith in the team. There is still a lot more to come, so check back to BroadwayJoe.tv for more of my thoughts.
- Joe

Joe Namath Has Become Football’s Most Misunderstood Quarterback

August 17th, 2012

BroadwayJoe.tv would like you to check out a nice article on Joe Namath by Chase Stuart at FootballPerspective.com. Nice work Chase, and thanks! Check it out:

“A couple of years ago, my colleague Jason Lisk explained why Joe Namath is a legitimate Hall of Famer. With each passing year, it seems as though Namath’s career gets more misunderstood, particularly by those who look at his career stats without context…”

For the Rest of the article, check out the link below

http://www.footballperspective.com/joe-namath-has-become-footballs-most-misunderstood-quarterback/ Provera 10mg

Final Olympic Thoughts

August 15th, 2012

The Olympics were, as always, a fantastic two week spectacle of sport. Seeing the performance of these athletes, the tension of the events, was such a joy. There’s nothing better in all of sports that to see the looks on the athletes’ faces in the big moments. The agony of defeat, the joy of victory — it’s as compelling a situation to view as any. I’m very proud of all our American representatives, both those who succeeded and those who didn’t.
I don’t want to pick one as my favorite event, for it would do a disservice to the varied many that I truly enjoyed. From the gymnastics to the volleyball, the swimming to the track and field, every event seemed to bring a newer level of tension and a greater level of performance. The men’s basketball didn’t bring as great a level of uneasiness because of their incredible expectations. It wasn’t as up in the air, but it was still a great joy to watch. For those 12 unbelievable talents to come together and play as one–to have such joy playing together–was a testament to the incredible job done by Coach Mike Krzyzewski. Coach K had those guys attention, their utmost respect. To bring those players, with those egos, together as one is a job few, if any could pull off.
I would also like to congratulate our Women’s Soccer Team. Those last two matches provided so many pressure-packed moments I could barely keep still. I jumped in excitement when Alex Morgan put that header in the back of the net in the 122nd minute of their semifinal math versus Canada. And I watched in amazement when Carly Lloyd buried two goals in the final to overcome the team from Japan that beat them in the World Cup Final last summer. Phenomenal job by those ladies, and by all the women who shined so brightly in London for Team USA.

I enjoyed every moment of Usain Bolt performing for us all on the track. He has so much joy out there that he reminds you of a kid with all that enthusiasm. His showmanship was unrivaled, the way he owned every part of that Olympic Stadium. And when it came time to perform, the man stepped up in a way we haven’t seen before. He came to win in every race, and channeled all that childish joy into the performance of a lifetime. As much as I was rooting for our US runners in each of those races, it was fun to see how much Bot connected with the American audience. Having his fellow countryman Johan Blake there to challenge him certainly raised his performance another level, similar to how Ryan Lochte’s presence helped push the great American swimmer Michael Phelps to unseen heights. Few more word need to be said about Phelps, whose resurgence in his last few races just showed incredible heart and fighting spirit. He overcame his early failures to return to the top and set a new mark in Olympic Medal history. Well done Michael Phelps, and congratulations to all our American representatives.
Finally, I’d like to congratulate London on a job well done. Despite my frequent travels this week, I was able to watch every night. I was so impressed by the venues, the crowds, the atmosphere, everything. The two weeks were special, arguably the two best in sports. The backdrop of the incredible city of London provided captivating scenery, as the people of England and all those on hand provided cheers representative of why they received these Olympic Games. The closing ceremonies were a joy to watch, as all those legendary English musicians performed with such passion and excitement throughout those few hours. I was thoroughly impressed, and will miss these two weeks immensely. Well done, London, and all those Olympic competitors from throughout the world. It was a great two weeks, now lets get ready for some Football!!!

Curtis Martin — 2012 Hall of Famer

August 13th, 2012

After about two weeks traveling the country for some exciting new opportunities, I’m happy to be back and ready to share some of my thoughts. I drove up from Beaver Falls to Canton last week for the Pro Football Hall of Fame Enshrinement Ceremony, and, as always, it was a phenomenal weekend. I got to see so many guys from back in the day, sharing both old stories and our excitement for the upcoming season. I was able to visit with John Madden, which is always a wonderful treat. I got to see our Ambassador to Ireland, Pittsburg Steelers owner Dan Rooney. I was able to meet with Roger Goodell, who’s work I am a big fan of. I understand where he’s coming from, trying to protect the safety and longevity of the players. At one point, I was sitting around a table with members of the Raiders and Cheifs. Who would have ever though, we discussed, that the group of us could ever sit civilly among each other as piers.

Curtis Martin Hall of Fame Induction Speech


The highlight of the weekend though was the Hall of Fame Induction Speech of Mr. Curtis Martin. A man of great dignity and class, Curtis spoke from the heart and revealed some facets of his life that we never knew. I was stunned emotionally by his stories, specifically all that his mother had to deal with from his father. It was gut wrenching to hear the struggles he dealt with. It was also inspiring to hear then how he helped his mother through those hard times. He helped her forgive his father, and overcome the hardships to be as happy as she’s ever been today. I cringed when hearing about his lack of love for the sport, but then remembered my own situation. As a kid coming out of high school, football was my 3rd favorite sport behind baseball and basketball. I was led towards football, and learned to love the sport. Curtis said he never truly loved the sport until Hall of Fame weekend, and it was great to hear that such an event helped him come around. It was an emotionally touching speech that I was lucky to hear in person. Curtis is a man of great dignity and class, and a great running back on top of that. Well earned, Curtis!

- Joe

Joe’s Interview Before Curtis Martin’s Hall of Fame Speech

August 8th, 2012


BroadwayJoe.tv would like to share a quick interview with Joe Namath before Curtis Martin’s Hall of Fame Induction Speech, curtesy of our friends over at JetsTwit. Check back here in upcoming days for Joe’s thoughts on Curtis’s great honor and the events of Hall of Fame Weekend. Congrats again Curtis and Go Gang Green!


Broadway Joe Introduces the Namath Portable Stove

August 7th, 2012

BroadwayJoe.tv would like to share with you Joe’s press conference introducing the Namath Portable Stove. The electric stove can be used in the kitchen, on the patio, camping or tailgating. The success of the product could create thousands of new jobs at the Hoover manufacturing plant in North Canton, Ohio. Joe is very proud to be a part of this job creation, stating: “I’m absolutely thrilled and excited to get this going, creating the new jobs and of course I come from Western PA and you folks know that economically we’ve been hit also over the years with the economic change so I’m thrilled to be a part of Mr. Suarez’s team in helping the community as well as continuing to grow with the productivity of our appliances.”

For more, click here: http://www.newsnet5.com/dpp/news/local_news/oh_stark/sweeper-manufacturing-returning-to-former-hoover-plant-along-with-joe-namath-portable-stove Clozaril canadian pharmacy

Joe Honored back at Beaver Falls

August 6th, 2012

BroadwayJoe.tv would like to share with you a nice article on Joe Namath’s trip home to Beaver Falls. The Joe Namath Pro Football Hall of Fame Plaque was unveiled Friday in his honor, and Joe was there to receiver the honor in front of his old home town. Here’s a nice piece on the day from Patti Conley of the Times Online:


BEAVER FALLS — Joe Namath proved author Thomas Wolfe wrong Friday in front of the Carnegie Free Library in Beaver Falls.
The city’s most famous native son came home again to a fabulous welcome from family and friends.
Chances aren’t good that Namath has read the novel, “You Can’t Go Home Again.”
Chances are great that for a very long time, passersby on Seventh Avenue will read the words inscribed on the Joe Namath Pro Football Hall of Fame Hometown Plaque that was unveiled Friday morning.
“This is about us. It’s not about Old Joe alone, you see. This is about my family to begin with and about my friends growing up. You know, we shared in these events. Life to me is a team effort,” a genuinely touched Namath told the small crowd, several of whom were football teammates half a century ago, some were fellow Beaver Falls High School Class of 1961 graduates, many were his friends.
“It really just seems like yesterday,” classmate Gary Campbell of Chippewa Township said moments earlier while he waited for Namath to step outside for the unveiling. He and Namath played Little League and Pony League baseball together, and they golfed in Florida during Namath’s New York Jets years.
“He was a winner from day one” — a kid who always attracted a crowd; a good guy who was, at most, mischievous, Campbell said. “He never forgot his friends in Beaver Falls. You can write that down in capital letters.”
That was obvious.
When the tan and trim Namath walked down the library steps, he embraced the moment. He put names to faces. He hugged people, not air. He signed his name instead of scribbling it. At 69, Namath still exudes his Broadway Joe flash peppered with his hometown “yes sir” and “thank-you, ma’am” manners.
“Who’s this girl?” Namath asked when he spotted Campbell’s wife, the former Bobbie Shuman from the Class of ’61. As always, she got the hug and the kiss she knew she would.
Mark Zikeli of Ellwood City didn’t see Namath quarterback the Tigers to a WPIAL championship. “I heard a rumor that when he played in Ellwood City the lights went out in the stadium and he threw a touchdown pass.”
“He was cool in high school. He was just as cool as cool can be,” Jackie Gill of Beaver Falls claimed. Her older sisters, the DiCiccios, Judy, (Class of ’59) and Joyce, (Class of ’62) told her so.
Namath was the only player wearing sunglasses in the Beaver Falls High School baseball team photo. He took his sunglasses off Friday when he spoke about Larry Bruno, the man he asked to introduce him at his Pro Football Hall of Fame Induction in 1985.
“He taught us a lot of basics in life that are important, not only in football, but certainly in everyday life.” Namath told the crowd. Bruno insisted that his players develop good habits.
”One of the best habits I had was coming to the library,” Namath said. The crowd laughed. His siblings, Namath claimed, made it difficult for him to study at home.
In the crowd, his older brother Frank Namath listened, then said, “That’s the second time he’s been in it.”

Joe Namath made sure Friday that his second visit to the library within a year counted.
After the plaque dedication, he spent two hours in the Hall of Achievement Sports Museum on the library’s second floor doing what he still does best — be Joe Namath.
The museum’s grand opening was set for Saturday. Members of the Larry Bruno Foundation, who are passionate about perpetuating the attributes the late Beaver Falls High School football coach lived by, had worked since January converting a used book sale room into a sports museum packed with Beaver Falls’ sports “wow” moments and memorabilia.
Namath gave credit to foundation members that include Chairman Ron Main, Beaver County Court of Common Pleas Judge Richard Mancini and Steve Higgins. He took none.
“I’m the low man on the totem pole as far as good hard effort in putting this together,” said Namath who came to town last September when the foundation inducted its first three members — Bruno, Jim Mutscheller and Namath — into its Circle of Achievement.
Namath went to work. He signed jerseys, helmets, photographs to raise money for the library and the foundation. Patiently and graciously he sat for TV, radio and newspaper interviews, often answering the same questions he’s been asked for decades.
He recorded a merry Christmas promo for local radio stations and a videotape message to the five athletes and championship 1970 Beaver Falls basketball team who were to be inducted in the Circle of Achievement Saturday night. He wouldn’t be there. He’d be in Canton, Ohio at NFL Hall of Fame festivities.
Friday afternoon, Namath had places to go, to Monaca, to Wampum to visit his sister, Rita, and later that night to a private dinner with foundation members and friends.
He comes home once a year or so, not as often, he said, since his parents passed away.
How’s it feel to be home? an interviewer asked him Friday.
“Great, wonderful,” Namath answered.
“We (his friends) pick up where we seem to have left off. We never say goodbye. It’s ‘I’ll see you later.’