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Everything you need to know about Bodog fight

What is Bodog?

Bodog is a platform that has reputed bookmakers in the sports betting industry no matter if it is not available to US players. The interesting fact is initially Bodog was established as a software company named cyber road in 1997. 

This software company managed the best three online sportsbooks known as,, and, all sites were established in 1998. Unluckily, the cyber road failed and then the founder of cyber road, Calvin Ayre, decided to convert it into a gambling site. And late on, Bodog came into controversy due to some financial measures.

Initially, Bodog was published with Poker in 2004 with thousands of branding and marketing opportunities. Later on, Bodog continued to develop its brand with television poker show which was launched in the year 2005 known as Calvin Ayre Wild Card Poker, and luckily, multiple television commercials have decided to telecast this poker show with the free of cost to all the viewers of America. 

It got so much publicity that Bodog operators decided to give real money to their users. And Bodog fight was started to get success somewhere in the online gaming sites.

A Bit History

Bodog fight

Moreover, Bodog has started many of its non-gambling ventures initially. In the year of 2004, Bodog started the Bodog handicapper challenge that was a betting contest to feature a football hall of a farmer named Joe Montana. In the same year, the BodogBeat blog has been published to cover the latest sports news and current events that are running in the online gaming sites. Later on, in 2005, Bodog 

Music was launched by representing DMX, Wu-Tang Clan, Billy Idol, and other music superstars. They have not stopped themselves from here. Moreover, they have started their mixed-martial-arts (MMA) brand which is established to fight air on Men’s Outdoor Recreation and DISH network. This non-gambling venture is known as Bodog fight. 

And added to it, they have started a new show on FUSE network that sought music talent by featuring Johnny Rotten, Bif Naked, and Billy duff.

In financial matters also, Bodog has struggled more initially, but after Bodog fight. In April 2009, to get access to, the Mohawk Morris Gaming group paid $49 million for 1st technology. And all things were restored in just a couple of days. 

Bodog site is fully optimized and well-designed for mobile browsing and instant play after signing up to the Bodog official website. Even though you can play this at any time, anywhere in the world, real money from this game is just one click away.

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